A Growing Flock

A kind neighbour gave me 3 guinea fowl, a male and 2 females nearly 3 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since! I named the trio; Charlie, Camilla and Diana. (You can see their pictures on The Guinea Fowl Gallery page.)

In the Spring of that first year I collected lots of eggs. My family and I ate some of the eggs over the laying season and I incubated some of the eggs too. I tried incubating the eggs on three occasions and managed to successfully hatch a total of 30 keets (chicks). With illness, stray dogs, a freezer to fill and limited housing I only increased my permanent flock by 2 new birds. The male and female joined the royal trio and were aptly named William and Harriet.

In Spring 2006, feeling more experienced, I again returned to the incubator on two occasions and managed to successfully hatch out 20 keets (chicks). Illness and mysterious creatures in the night have reduced this number to 14 but I decided to invest in some larger housing so that I could extend the permanent flock to 19. As yet I haven’t got round to naming the 14 poults (young adults). Watch out for more news on this blog about the gang and keep looking on The Guinea Fowl Gallery page for more pictures of the guinea flock.       

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