Breaking News – Hatty’s First Egg Of The Year!


Hatty the hen laid her first egg of the year this morning. Number 1 and counting!


I knew she was getting ready to lay since yesterday I had seen her in and around the mill house where she likes to lay her eggs. Last night I battled the wind to check for an egg but didn’t find one. She must have been getting the laying area ready because the mound of grain had an impression in it where Hatty must have been sitting.

This morning when she left her hut, she made a little squawking noise which she often does when she is going to lay. She then dashed off towards the mill house which is another sign that she is ready.

I followed closely behind, like a detective trying not to be seen and sure enough she entered the mill house and sat on top of the mill. I went about my jobs as I knew there wouldn’t be an egg appearing so soon.

When I returned later I had just timed it right as Hatty was standing up above the grain, straining to lay her egg.

                        laying-egg-1.jpg  laying-egg-2.jpg  laying-egg-3.jpg

As you can see, I managed to capture the egg laying process on camera. I have taken the egg away but I have replaced it with a pot egg so that Hatty will lay another egg there soon. I hope she won’t be able to tell the difference, can you?

                    hattys-egg.jpg  pot-egg.jpg

I can’t wait to have boiled egg and soldiers for my breakfast tomorrow, thanks to my Hatty.

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