Calving Cows

There are certain signs to look out for when a cow is near to calving.


A few days before.

  • Bagging up – the udder begins to fill with milk.
  • The bottom muscles relax.

About a day before.

  • Tendons on tail head relax.

Up to four hours before.

  • Sniff ground.
  • Move round in circles.
  • Become restless – stand up and sit down alot.
  • Tail lifts up slightly.

From this point onwards the cow may become aggressive.

  • The sacs appear.
  • The feet of the calf appear – hopefully the front feet.

If the calf is not correctly positioned, then the farmer or vet will need to assist the birth.

If the calf is laid correctly.

  • The head appears.
  • Calf born.

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1 thought on “Calving Cows”

  1. Your pictures would not open up as I was looking for something to show me what the changes will be. I remember that her vulva streatches out, but I have forgotten what it looks like normally, so I need something to compare and was looking all over the internet to see . No success. the vet said that she was in her 3rd trimester in August when he came to check the herd that she shares the field with.( Daisy is my pet cow). She has had gold discharge but that is now stopped. Her utters squirt milk, but that was always the case. She has had 2 other calves long ago and she is 6 years old. If I had a trailer, I would have taken her to the vet, so now I just need something to go on. Can you tell, I am so looking forward to a calf.. Lynn

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