Courgette Explosion!

How many ways can you cook a courgette?

No this is not the latest joke but a question that many a Farmer’s wife will ask in their culinary lifetime! Well let me tell you, anymore than one courgette in the vegetable patch, (when positioned correctly!) means you too can answer this question!

Our first Summer on the farm was full of excitement as we awaited the growth of our vegetable patch. As garden novices, we weren’t really sure what seeds would thrive or die, so we were over the moon when the courgette plants began to grow, flower and then produce vegetables in abundance.

The first pickings were chopped into pieces to accompany the Sunday roast but as the plants continued to grow more and more vegetables, the culinary uses became more adventurous.

The easiest way to answer the initial question, ”how many ways can you cook a courgette?”, is to list the various ways they can be cooked.

1) Boiled courgette.

2) Steamed courgette.

3)Roast courgette.

4) Stir-fried courgette.

5) Courgette with mince.

6) Courgette with chicken.

7) Cheesey courgette vegetables.

8) Courgette quiche.

9) Courgette soup.

10) Stuffed courgette.

11) Courgette chutney.

12) Chocolate And Courgette Loaf.

With the continued growth of this amazing vegetable, watch this list also grow!

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