Differences Between Lowland And Hill Breeds Of Sheep


There are many different sheep breeds in the Uk. 


The differences between each breed are often due to the environment in which the animals live.

Consider the poor grazing and harsh climate of the mountainous regions of Britain in comparison to the lush grazing lowlands of Southern England.

Areas which grow nutritious grass tend to produce large, muscular sheep, eg, Suffolk, Oxford and Texel breeds of sheep.

Mountainous areas with poor grazing can only support small, light weight, hardy sheep, eg, Scottish Blackface, Cheviots, Welsh Mountain, Herdwick and Swaledale breeds of sheep.


Typically the lowland sheep may have 2 lambs, whereas the hill breeds usually only have one lamb.

The lowland breeds can lamb as early as December in barns so that the farmer can help with the lambing if necessary.

The hill breeds often lamb on their own in April or May.

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