Flying High And Glad To Be Alive!

It was late September and a beautifully sunny Saturday morning. I was up very early to feed the animals as I had to be up and off before 8am. Normally I would get a little lie in on a Saturday morning but since this was not the case, I was not feeling as bright and cheerful as the weather.

The peace and tranquility of the early morning was soon disturbed. Not by the sound of the farm machinery or the animals but by an unusual hissing sound. I didn’t recognise the noise, but what ever it was the cattle didn’t like it! The noise came again and this time it was louder. Whatever it was, it was getting closer and closer.

I looked up at the clear blue sky and suddenly I saw some hot air balloons flying just above our farm. The hissing sound wasn’t the angry cry of a snake but the balloons being filled with the hot air.


Mesmerised, I watched in amazement as the big, multicoloured balloons floated by. I was rooted to the spot, never having seen such objects this close before. Then I realised I was missing a wonderful photo opportunity and with that I dashed across the orchard to collect the trusty camera.


Watching those wonderful hot air balloons gracefully glide way up high in the sky, made me feel so happy and glad to be alive on that beautiful September morning. 

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