Fungi – Friend Or Foe?!


Fungi grow in a wide variety of places.

Over the last few years I have found them growing all over our farm.

  • In open fields.                          
  • In the hedgerows.                        
  • In the orchard.                          
  • In barns.                                                    
  • In plant containers.                              
  • On fenceposts.                              
  • On trees.                                        

Here are some photographs of the fungi I have found.

                   100_0861_edited-1.jpg        100_0860.jpg       100_0885.jpg

                   100_0875.jpg  100_0881.jpg

I have tried to identify the fungi that I have found using my photographs and the descriptions and pictures I have found in books. I have to say that this is very difficult and I do not feel confident just using my eyes and judgement to distinguish between whether the fungi is edible or poisonous and indeed a friend or foe!