Guinea Fowl Chicks

Guinea Fowl Keets

Guinea fowl chicks are called keets.

Guinea Fowl Keet

They are born with their eyes open.                          

Two Newborn Keets

Their bodies are covered in down when they are first born. 


Keets can drink and feed themselves without trouble after 24 hours.

A Gang Of Guinea Fowl Keets

They eat crushed up chick crumbs for the first 6 weeks.

Different Coloured Guinea Fowl Keets

Keep the keets in a brooder with a temperature of between 95-100F for the first 2 weeks and then reduce the temperature by 5 degrees F each week until week 6/8 when heat can be discontinued.

Many Guinea Fowl Keets

Guinea chicks have weaker legs than chickens and can get spraddled legs if they are kept on a smooth surface. Use carpet in an indoor brooder and dry litter in an outdoor brooder.