Guinea Fowl Do Not Like Snow – They Think It’s Foul!!

December 2005 –  I had a bit of a problem today when I tried to put the guinea fowl back in their huts. They do not like to stand and walk in the snow which has arrived just a little late to make it a white Christmas. Typical! This snow was going to be a big problem to me as the ground was heavily carpetted and the poultry huts were surrounded.There was no way of reaching the huts without putting your foot in it! 

When I herded the guinea fowl towards their huts, they kept flying back to the dry land they had found! Not that I blame them – if I’d originated from Africa, I don’t think I would like the snow either!

Eventually I managed to get the poults (young guinea fowl) and Hatty the Hen into their huts but the adult guinea fowl (the royal trio!) have a mind of their own. They decided to fly up into the trees in the orchard and roost there for the night. Oh well, they’ve roosted over night in the trees before, so I’m sure they’ll be ok.


This is Charlie roosting in the trees in the Orchard to get away from the snow!
This is Charlie roosting in the trees in the Orchard to get away from the snow!

The next day came and there was still no sign of the snow melting. Charlie, Camilla and Diana were happily perched above the snowy carpet surveying their kingdom. They don’t seem to want to come down. Well, we certainly know who the boss is and it’s not me!

I decided not to get the others out, as I felt sure they would join the royal trio.

Great news! When I returned later in the day to check on the poultry, the females, Camilla and Diana, had flown down and were proudly sitting on top of their run. Lets hope I can manage to coax them back into the warmth of their hut. We’ll see who’s the boss now……, it’s still not me, they’ve flown back up to join Charlie. I’m just going to have to wait for the snow to melt.

As New Year’s Eve dawned, the snow was melting fast and the roosting trio had finally decided to descend from the trees and were now ready to go back in, thank goodness! I bet the guinea fowl’s New Year’s Resolution was to avoid snow at all cost. I’m sure they think the snow is foul!

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