Nature Waits For No Man, Not Even A Camera Man! Part 1

It’s the lambing season down our way, so with camera on loan and my husband’s new found film making skills, we thought it was a good time to get a video clip of our neighbour’s ewe’s lambing.

A call was made to our sheep farming friend who replied, “Get here quick, we’ve got three ewes ready to lamb!”

What luck we thought, as we jumped into the car and drove as quickly as the Sunday traffic would take us to the neighbouring farm.

On arrival we were met by the friendly farmer, who was ready for action. We entered the shed and located the first ewe.

My film making hubby got the tripod set up and after what seemed like an age was ready for filming. No time for lights, camera, action. As the record button was hit……..the ewe had already lambed. The ease and speed with which the lamb came out was amazing, unfortunately we were four seconds too late hitting the record button. Nature waits for no man, not even a camera man!

Oh well, we still had two more ewes to watch and film, so off we went in search of our second lambing ewe.

This time we were set up on time but nature seemed to be against us again. The ewe seemed to be having trouble giving birth so the farmer stepped in to assist. Not a problem usually as ewes often need a helping hand, however the lamb inside was a large one and it was taking some effort both from the ewe and the farmer. We didn’t think this difficult assisted birth would make good viewing so we hoped that nature would be on our side for third time lucky!

Take three. The ewe was positioned well for film making but she was taking some time and the farmer didn’t want the ewe to struggle and the lamb to get into difficulties so again decided to assist. This lamb was not so large and the assisted birth went well. We had the shot and after a close up of the ewe and her new born lamb bonding, we called it a wrap.


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