Oilseed Rape / Canola


Oilseed rape is known as canola in America. 

Oilseed rape is grown for the oil extracted from it’s black seeds.

It can be used as a break crop in a rotation mainly based on cereals.

Oilseed rape can be Spring sown but it is mainly Autumn sown.

Autumn sown rape has a higher yield and oil content.

This crop is harvested with a combine harvester and yields 1.5 tonnes of seed per acre.

The crushing process to extract the oil is very specialised.

The oil is used in the manufacture of margarine and cooking oils.

This oil is believed to be even healthier than olive oil in the human diet.

It is also used to manufacture other products such as paint, lubricating oil and detergents.

Oilseed rape is becoming increasingly important in the manufacture of biodiesel as mineral oil reserves become depleted.

The byproduct of the processing is rapeseed meal and this is used in animal feed concentrates.

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