The English Pheasant

  • A game bird.
  • Also known as the Common Pheasant.
  • Usually live in wooded areas and scrub land.
  • It feeds on the ground on grain, leaves and invertebrates.
  • It roosts in trees at night.
  • Only short distance fliers and usually fly when startled.
  • Prefer to run.

The Male Pheasant

male-pheasant.jpg male-walking.jpg

  • A highly ornate bird.
  • It has bright brown plumage with green, purple and white markings.
  • It has a white ring around it’s neck, with a green and red face.
  • The male bird can grow between 50 to 90 cm in length.
  • It has a very long tail which is about half it’s full length.

The Female Pheasant

  • Less ornate bird.
  • Has a duller, mottled brown plumage all over it’s body.
  • The female nests on the ground anytime from April to June.
  • It can lay a clutch of about 10 eggs for hatching.
  • The incubation period is approximately 23-28 days.
  • The chicks stay close to the female for several weeks.

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