The Farming Year – January

January’s jobs on a cattle and arable farm can include;

  • Harvesting sugar beet.
  • Winter ploughing.
  • Testing soil for nutrients.
  • Selling surplus grain.
  • Cleaning out cattle sheds.
  • Muck spreading.
  • Bedding up cattle once a day.
  • Feeding cattle twice daily.
  • Milling and mixing animal feed.
  • Disbudding (dehorning) calves.
  • Calving cows.
  • Feeding poultry twice a day.
  • Letting poultry out to free range in a morning.
  • Locking up the poultry¬†huts on a night.
  • Cleaning out poultry huts.
  • Hedge cutting and maintenance.
  • Building and machinery maintenance.

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