The Medlar



Medlars are large shrubs or small trees.

The leaves are long, dark green and turn red in Autumn.

They are deciduous (shed their leaves annually).

Medlars produce a five petalled white flower in late Spring.

They bear fruit which has a matt brown coloured skin.

The fruit is spherical in shape but has the appearance of being slightly hollow.

Medlar fruit are very hard and acidic when unripe.

They can be picked in late Autumn and then they are usually stored until they are ripe.

The fruit can be eaten raw but only when they have ripened and softened.

When the softening process starts in October/November the skin becomes wrinkled and turns dark brown.

When ripened the inside of the fruit turns to fruit pulp.

The inside is edible and the skin and stone are not to be eaten.

Medlar fruit can be used to make medlar jam, jelly or wine.

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