The Red Legged Partridge

  • A game bird.
  • Also known as the French Partridge.
  • Usually lives in dry, lowland areas.
  • A small, rotund bird.
  • Has light brown feathers on it’s back.
  • Has grey breast feathers.
  • Has red legs.
  • It’s face is white with a patch of black on it’s neck.
  • Has rounded wings.
  • It prefers to run rather than fly.
  • It will only fly short distances, usually when startled.
  • The partridge is non migratory.
  • It makes a three syllable cry.
  • It is a seed eater but will eat insects for protein (especially the young birds).
  • The female lays eggs in a ground nest.
  • The incubation period is 23-24 days.

Here is a book about Modern Partridge Farming:

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3 thoughts on “The Red Legged Partridge”

  1. We have had a red legged partridge nesting in our garden since April. She has been incupating around 9 eggs all this time and we were convinced they would not hatch. However today there are four chicks! Is this common? She is still sat with them on the gravel round the rear of the house and is obviously very vulnerable. Should we do anything?

  2. could you give me some information on rearing day old partridge chicks E.G. the temperature of the gas heater etc…..?

  3. Not a comment but a question: are you aware of anyone in Ireland who breeds/sells french partridges? I have a friend who would like to procure a mate for a male bird.

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