There,s An Impostor In The Brooder!

The first set of guinea fowl chicks had hatched out and we had set up a brooder for them in our kitchen. Yes, not very hygenic, I know, but I wanted to have them close at hand so that I could keep an eye on them!


Anyway on this particular day in June I had gone to work as usual and on my return home that evening I found something wasn’t right about the brooder. I looked and looked again but I just couldn’t put my finger on what was different from that morning. Can you?


No, well I decided to count the chicks and I realised that there were now nine in the brooder instead of the eight I had left this morning. Upon closer inspection, one of the chicks didn’t look like the other guinea fowl. Being new to guinea fowl breeding I thought that another chick had hatched out and it was just a different type of guinea fowl chick.


When I asked, “What type of guinea fowl, is this?” my husband howled with laughter.

“It’s not a guinea fowl, it’s a partridge!”, he laughed.

I considered this for a moment  and then replied,” Well, what an impostor, fancy pretending to be a guinea fowl!……….. and hang on a minute, a partridge, how can a partridge get into my brooder? It’s not even an outdoor brooder!”

It turns out that my father-in-law had found the partridge chick in the yard at his farm and the mother was nowhere in sight. He had thought, “I know just the place I can put this partridge so that it’s safe.” Yes, you guessed it, my kitchen brooder.

My partridge stayed in the brooder with the guinea fowl until they were ready to live outside. They were all transferred to the chicken hut, partridge aswell and happily lived together.


I named my partridge Party. She grew up into a beautiful bird who continued to live along side the guinea fowl long after she was released.


In time, I saw Party less and less as she searched for a mate. Occasionally, I will hear her call out and our neighbour tells me that he has seen a very tame partridge following a gang of pheasants in his field, so I know all is well with Party and she is still enjoying life.