What Do Beef Cattle Eat?

Beef cattle mainly eat;

1. Grass – Cattle graze on grass in the Summer.




2. Silage – In Winter cattle eat conserved grass which is silage.




3. Fodder beet / Sugar beet / Potatoes / Turnips.




4. Crushed barley.




  • In Winter all beef cattle are given a vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • A mature cow can eat up to 50kg of food a day.
  • Different cattle eat different combinations of food.

1. Cows for breeding eat grass in the Summer, silage and fodder beet.

2. Heifers eat silage with some crushed barley.

3. Fattening bulls eat mainly crushed barley and straw.

4. Fattening bullocks eat silage with some crushed barley.

Storey\'s Guide to Raising Beef Cattle







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