Wheat is a cereal crop which typically yields 3.5 tonnes per acre.

It is a strain of grass that is cultivated and harvested for it’s grain.

An ear of wheat contains an average of 54 grains.

Wheat is a popular crop because it is used to make bread, breakfast cereals and biscuits.

It is also used as animal feed for pigs and poultry.

Wheat grows well  on a wide variety of soils, but it is particularly suited to clay soils.

It grows well in clay soil because the clay contains many nutrients and preserves moisture for the crop.

The stems and leaves are called straw and are used for animal bedding.

Wheat varieties are classified as either hard or soft.

Soft Wheat

  • Soft wheat has a lower protein content.
  • It contain more carbohydrate.
  • Soft wheat can grow in a colder climate.
  • Most wheat varieties grown in Britain are soft.

Hard Wheat

  • Grown in warmer climates.
  • Hard wheat has a higher protein content.
  • It contains less carbohydrate.
  • Hard wheat is added to soft wheat to make bread.

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