Bad Luck Runs In Threes Or Is It Bad & ‘Muck’ Runs In Threes?!

Can you believe that the cattle drinking trough has leaked, not once, not twice but three times.

On the first occasion the drinking trough was broken and an emergency muck out had to be undertaken to clear all the muck and water from the yard. This had only brought the job of mucking out forward by a week, so the farmer’s didn’t mind too much. It would save them a job later, or so they thought!

However only two days after the new drinking trough had been installed and the fold yard was devoid of mounds of muck, the farmer’s awoke to a very wet cattle yard. This time the water pipe had come loose. Although the job facing the men didn’t include masses of muck it did include lots and lots of ‘mucky’ water.

Again the cattle didn’t want to get their feet wet and were huddled at the front of the yard and again the water was turned off so that my housewifely duties were interrupted once more. Muck out number two didn’t take as long and with pipe fixed, water gone and new straw under cattles feet, the water was turned on again and the rest of the day was spent in relative calm.

Only the very next morning, the farmer’s where again faced with a wet and watery cattle yard. The famous Victor Meldrew phrase, “I can’t believe it!” rang out from the cattle yard as the job of mucking out began for the third time. They do say bad luck runs in threes or is it bad muck runs in threes?! Lets hope it doesn’t happen again!