Breaking News – Eggs Found In Hiding Place!


Hatty the Hen on the lookout!

Hatty laid her first egg of the year on Friday 19th January. To read more about it, click on this link.

Up until today I have only collected three eggs. I thought it was a little strange as Hatty normally lays at least one egg every other day. By my reckoning she should have laid about 9 but as it’s the start of the laying season and it sometimes takes awhile to get into a regular pattern she might have laid about 7. So the 3 eggs I have collected aren’t alot.

As it happens I’ve just read an article about why hens might not lay and I’ve been mentally ticking off the reasons which don’t apply. I certainly haven’t changed the type of food she eats or introduced new birds into the flock. I don’t think she’s had a fright or got herself too cold. The days are getting lighter so she should be laying more not less. In the last few days I have begun to worry that something might be wrong with Hatty, but she seems fine and as bossy as ever!

Over the last week I have been following her about, like an egg detective, when I let her out in the morning. On Sunday I thought I’d cracked it! She went straight to the mill house and sat in her favourite place. I followed slowly and cautiously trying not to make a sound. I caught sight of her through a hole in the wall and happy with the thought that an egg would soon be on it’s way I snuck off.

What a wily bird she is, she must have heard me because when I returned later feeling sure she would have laid, I found no egg.

My husband reported tonight, that my father-in-law had spotted Hatty sitting on top of a pile of silage wrap this morning. I sprang into egg detective mode straight away and headed for the silage wrap mountain. With stick in hand to aid the search, I rooted through the plastic and sure enough there at the top, I found two white eggs.

Only two, I hear you cry! Well, it was dark, the eggs are fragile and I didn’t want to break any, the silage wrap mountain is as tall as me and you never know if a family of rats have happily nested underneath the mountain, which I can tell you I do not wish to meet! Particularly when it is dark.

Anyway, now that the hiding place has been found I will have another search in the morning. So watch this space for more breaking news!