Breaking News – First Guinea Fowl Egg Of The Year

Went to let the hens out this morning and found an egg in the hut where Camilla and Diana live. Don’t know which one laid the egg, but well done girls!

                            Camilla The Guinea Fowl Hen   Diana The Guinea Fowl Hen

I was very surprised to find an egg in the hut because although the guinea hens have looked like they might lay recently, they normally like to lay their eggs in the undergrowth. This morning I have walked the length and breadth of the field hedgerows where the guinea fowl have been frequenting recently, just to see if they have made a nest. No more eggs found just yet, but I will keep a look out!

Here is the guinea fowl egg laid this morning.

Guinea Fowl Egg

As you can see guinea fowl eggs are brown.

They sometimes have brown speckles on the shell.

The shells are very hard.

Roughly 1 large chicken egg = 2 guinea fowl egg.

White Leghorn Egg & Guinea Fowl Egg

Guinea fowl eggs can be eaten, so I look forward to some ‘eggstremely’ tasty eggs!

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