New Poultry Hut Arrives

I ordered a new poultry house recently and it arrived on Thursday afternoon. Last night (Friday) was the first time that all my poultry have been in the same hut and they survived the night together!

Poultry Enjoying New Hut  Poultry Enjoying New Hut  Poultry Enjoying New Hut

The new hut is fabulous. It has a nest box and enclosed area for sleeping, a large covered run and a door that allows me full access to the run.

Front View                Side View       Enclosed Sleeping Area With Pop Hole

Large Poultry Hut   Large Poultry Hut Side View                Enclosed Sleeping Area With Pop Hole

Open Pop Hole & Ladder                          Closed Pop Hole & Ladder

          Open Pop hole & Ladder                                             Closed Pop Hole & Ladder

Nest Boxes                            Sleeping Area With Perches & Nest Boxes

Nest Boxes                                    Sleeping Area with Perches & Nest Boxes

My daily routine will be so much easier with this hut.

  • I only have 1 feeder and drinker to change and refill instead of 6.
  • I will only have 1 hut to clean out instead of 3.
  • I only have one hut to let the poultry out of and get them back into, which is a great relief, since trying to distinguish one guinea fowl from another (so that they go into the correct hut) is not the easiest job in the world!
  • I can actually stand inside the hut which will make cleaning out easier.
  • The hut has an outside latch for egg collecting, if any hens decide to lay in the nest boxes that is!!

Let’s just hope that the poultry can all get along in their new home and that they enjoy it as much as I do!

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