Someone’s On Our Land!

A few nights ago we received a phone call from one of our neighbouring farming friends who told my husband that a vehicle was parked up near our sugar beet field and a couple of blokes where eyeing up the beet machine.

Sugar beet Harvester

Why anyone would be interested in the old sugar beet machine is beyond me, especially since the beet factory has just closed in York and the crop will no longer be grown in this area by many farmers. But in double quick time, my husband grabbed the torch and sped out of the yard towards the field, to announce to the trespassers, “Get orf my land!”.

He was gone for ages and I did begin to worry that I might not see him again. The blokes could have been trying to steal the machine and could have attacked my husband in the process, leaving him for dead.

After what seemed like an eternity, the car headlights flashed by the living room window. To my relief he had returned safely and was excitedly waving a photograph at me. He had obviously not been attacked by thieves and trespassers!

“You won’t believe it,” he said. ” I got there and these two blokes were taking photos of our beet machine. I nearly ruined their photo’s with my flashlight! Anyway they’re photographers, not thieves, and they take photographs of interesting machinery or buildings at night. They showed me some of their photos and let me look at the images they’d just taken of our machine. The results are amazing. You won’t believe how good our beet machine looks.”

In return for allowing the blokes to photograph the machine, my husband asked if we could have copies of the images. So look no further, cast your eyes on our top quality beet machine!

                               Top Quality Beet Machine!

  Top Quality Beet Machine!   Top Quality Beet Machine!   Top Quality Beet Machine!

The results are truely amazing, wouldn’t you agree?!