The 4am Caterwaul!

At first I thought it was part of my dream but the shrill howling and hissing gradually awoke me from my slumber. I clambered out of bed and threw open the curtains to see if I could make out any cats in the lane. I banged on the window and hissed through the glass, “What’s going on out there?” Of course no reply came and infact I couldn’t see a thing, even with my glasses on!

In the pitch black I staggered towards the door and the alarm clock. It read 4am. I charged downstairs and put on my wellies, grabbed the torch and out I went into the darkness.

As I approached the lane I expected to see a feline fight taking place, but thankfully nothing. It was as if I had imagined the whole thing. I flashed the torch up and down the lane. The light caught sight of something sprinting up the lane, it was indeed a cat and a white and ginger cat at that. I wondered which of my feline friends had been making the 4am caterwaul.

Was it Snowy? Snowy The Cat Fluffy? Fluffy The Cat Snowball? Snowball The Cat

Spot? Spot The Cat or Stripe? Stripe The Cat Only time would tell!

I hastened back to bed and when I went to feed the cats the next morning, they were all present and correct without a scratch on them. I did enquire as to who was making all that frightful caterwaul at 4am but a guilty silence fell upon my ears and anyway I can’t understand the language of miaow even if they had replied!