The Missing Pot Egg

 Guinea Fowl Egg

Part of my daily routine through the egg laying season is the afternoon hunt for eggs. My guinea fowl think it’s great to lay their eggs in the undergrowth. They particularly like a good patch of nettles. I’m sure they watch from a distance as I rummage in the undergrowth trying not to get stung. I’ve often thought that the call that all these birds make, sounds alot like a high pitched ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I bet they’ve been laughing at my egg hunt attempts and think it’s fun to move their nest when they think I’m not looking!

Last year I only had three female guinea fowl hens (Camilla, Diana and Harriet) to keep an eye on, so egg hunting was ok because they all laid in the same nest (well, most of the time!).

This year is going to be a little trickier with me having about eight guinea hens. I’m certainly going to be kept busy when they all start to lay. Camilla and Diana have already started to lay this year so let the egg hunt commence!

Diana The Guinea Fowl Hen

I did think I’d ‘cracked it’ (not the egg itself but the egg hunting situation!) last week, when I spotted Diana coming out from under an old machine that was lying about in the yard. To my delight I found an egg their on my first hunt. 

With luck on my side I thought that I’d place a pot egg under the machine so that Camilla and Diana wouldn’t think I, or even a rat, magpie or crow, had stolen their egg. The only problem I could see with this was the size of the pot egg. It was very large in comparison to the guinea fowl egg. Could I fool the fowl? Yes of course I could, I thought positively! So I gave it a go and under the machine it went.

The next afternoon, I couldn’t believe my eyes when my egg hunt revealed not one, but two guinea eggs. I’d fooled the guinea hens, hurrah! “It was two small eggs for the guineas and one giant pot egg for womankind!” How smug did I feel? Very smug indeed!

Victory for womankind was not to last long. My smugness was shattered the very next day when I returned to the nest to find not one egg, not even a pot egg! I figured that Camilla and Diana had decided to lay their eggs somewhere else but where on earth could the pot egg be? It hadn’t suddenly sprouted legs and moved. I thought maybe my husband or father-in-law had spotted the eggs and decided to bring them in, pot egg included. No, this was not the case. I then thought that maybe they had decided to move the eggs as a joke, but no that was not the case either. It could have been a rat, magpie or crow that took the eggs. I can’t image what they thought of the pot egg! However we’ll never know for certain what happened to the pot egg. It will stay a farm yard mystery, unless anyone spots the missing pot egg, last seen nesting comfortably under farm machinery!

The Missing Pot Egg

The missing pot egg has now given me two jobs to do. Firstly I will have to go and buy a new pot egg and secondly I’ll have to go on another egg hunt today! Watch this space for more egg hunt news.

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