The Year Of Food And Farming 2007-2008

The Year Of Food And Farming is a national initiative and is to be launched in September 2007 in the UK. It aims to give children an increased awareness of where their food comes from and give them the opportunities to become more involved in food preparation and production. It also aims to provide opportunities for learning more about the countryside and farming.

As a part-time teacher and farmer’s wife I have a great interest in this initiative. I am very keen to educate children in where their food comes from and to share my knowledge of farming and the countryside. As the Science Co-ordinator at a local Primary school, I am keen to develop the curriculum to include more opportunities for children to visit local farms, grow their own produce and prepare their own food. My school has just registered to take part in the 2007 Grow Your Own Potatoes project run by the British Potato Council. So I am looking forward to sampling the potatoes when we harvest them in June. Watch out for more information about the spuds on this site.

This website aims to provide information about farming and farm related food produce which can be used by schools to increase children’s awareness of food and farming.

The Year Of Food And Farming scheme is looking for individuals or organisations to give their support. If you are involved in teaching, farming, catering, food production, or horticulture, then you may be able to offer support. I aim to give my support and hope that you can too.

More information can be found on the Year Of Food And Farming website and the Farming and Countryside Education (FACE) website in the Links section of this website.

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