Where Does Our Food Come From?

Where does our food come from? Although our food is packaged up and placed on a market stall or supermarket shelf, this is not where the products originate from. Many products have their origins in farm produce.

Bread < Flour < Wheat

Sausages < Beef Cattle or Pigs

Cheese < Milk < Cows

Mince < Beef Cattle or Pigs or Turkeys or Lambs

Yoghurt < Milk < Cows

Steak < Beef Cattle

Eggs < Chickens or other Birds

Currants < Grapes

Gammon < Pigs

Biscuits < Wheat

Crisps < Potatoes

Ryvita <  Rye

Porridge < Oats

Honey < Bees

Bacon < Pigs

Chips < Potatoes

Golden Syrup < Sugar  Cane / Sugar Beet

Beer < Barley

Butter < Milk < Cows

Whiskey < Wheat

Pork < Pigs

Raisins < Grapes

Pasta < Wheat

Vinegar < Barley

Wine < Grapes

Liver < Pigs or Lambs

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