Classic Pork Sausages From The Blue Pig Company

· Cooked in roasting tin for 30 minutes in a hot aga.
· Served with cheesey mashed potatoes and baked beans.
· No fat came out when cooked.
· Colour of the cooked meat was not pink when cut into but a light brown colour.
· The sausages browned well on the outside and in places had a crunchy, crispy texture which complimented the moist and juicy texture of the inside of the sausages.
· Juicy sausages.
· Moist and meaty.
· Texture was not too fine and not too coarse.
· No gristle or bone in the sausages.
· No shrinkage in size when cooked.
· “Tasty classic pork sausages of premium quality.” Sara @ Farming Friends.
· “The meaty flavour is not disguised by other flavourings, a great classic pork sausage.” Stephen @ Farming Friends.