Deer On The Farm

A Close Up Of The Deer  A Close Up Of The Deer

Earlier this afternoon I received a phone call from my husband, who was working in the field. I was asked to bring the camera and video recorder, as there were three deer in the field, so I gathered all the equipment and headed up the lane. As I approached the field I had a good look around but could see nothing that even vaguely looked like a deer. Luckily my husband stopped his ploughing and came over to help with the filming. A good job really as I had no idea which direction I was supposed to be looking in.

Armed with camera and video recorder the two of us slowly made our way along the hedgerow to see if we could get a closer view or even some footage of the deer. I still couldn’t see them, they were well and truely camouflaged against the hedgerow.

Half way down the field side we decided to part company and each of us head up the opposite sides of the hedge. With camera poised and in focus, I was ready for the deer to make their escape from their field, through the hedgerow and across my field. It wasn’t long before that’s exactly what they did.

Today the motto, ‘nature waits for no man, not even a camera man (or woman in this case)’ was not relevant, both my husband and I had got our footage and pictures. Here is my photographic proof of a successful deer watch.

A Deer On The Run

Deer On The Run

Deer On The Run





Watch this space for the video footage.