Feeding Wild Birds In The Spring And Summer Months

Normally we feed wild birds during the Winter when food is in short supply for the bird population, however the Spring and Summer months can also bring cold and wet weather which can leave the birds with a food shortage.

In the Spring and Summer months birds need a high protein diet because they moult and breed, which requires more energy. It is therefore important to provide wild birds with a regular source of food in case their natural food sources are in short supply.

It is important to provide wild birds with the correct type of food. In the Spring and Summer months, birds can be fed;

  • black sunflower seeds
  • other seed mixtures
  • mild grated cheese
  • soaked raisins
  • soft apple
  • soft pear
  • grapes

Avoid homemade fatballs in the Summer as the fat can melt and go rancid. Also avoid feeding wild birds loose peanuts.

Enjoy the wild birds that visit your garden and with regular feeding a wide variety of wild birds will be back to your garden time and time again. So happy birdwatching!

Tony Soper\'s Bird Table Book: The Complete Guide to Attracting Birds and Other Wildlife to Your Garden