Female Guinea Fowl Call

Ever wondered what a female guinea fowl sounds like?  Well now’s your chance to hear one! Watch the video to see and hear the female guinea fowl call.

  • Female guinea fowl can make 2 types of call.
  • The 1 syllable call can also be made by the males and sounds like, ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah……”
  • This call is very loud and is usually made to frighten away predators.
  • The 2 syllable call can only be made by the female and sounds like they are saying, “Come back, come back, come back.”
  • This call is used to communicate with other guinea fowl and is sometimes made when one of the females has been separated from the group.

2 thoughts on “Female Guinea Fowl Call”

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the Guinea Hen Sound located on your website. My son opened the outside door and we played it as loud as we could on our computer speakers so we could get our three Guineas back in our yard. It worked!

    Is there any way we could have a copy? We want to use it on a portable device outside to call them as needed.

    Thank you,
    North Carolina

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