Grow Your Own Potatoes Project

Did you know that The British Potato Council have launched a Grow Your Own Potatoes project for primary schools in the UK because 60% of children thought that potatoes grew on trees.

I am a teacher and a farmer’s wife and this competition is an ideal way for me to show the children I teach, how potatoes grow and where their food really comes from.

A month ago I registered the school for the national competition and I eagerly awaited the arrival of the champion (we hope!) seed potatoes.

Two weeks ago I received the 3 seed potatoes and I put them in an egg box near the window so that the seed potatoes could start to chit.

Seed Potatoes Ready For Chitting

“Chits are the sprouting shoots that grow out of the eyes of a potato. Gardeners encourage these chits to grow before the potatoes are planted, so that they have a head start when they are put in the ground.” TopVeg. 

More information about Chitting Potatoes can be found at the TopVeg website.

The 3 seed potatoes have been chitting for 2 weeks which is sufficient time for the sprouting shoots to grow.

Seed Potatoes With Chits

Today (Thursday 22nd March 2007) I launched the competition in my school. The school has three Year 3 classes and each class was given a container, compost and a seed potato. At 3.15pm today the seed potatoes were planted.

     3H             3HS             3P

3H's Planted Container   3HS's Planted Container   3P's Planted Container

As well as taking part in the national competition, the Year 3 classes are going to compete against each other to see which class can grow the biggest yield of potatoes.

Watch this space for regular updates on our potato plants.