• Ivy is a climbing shrub which can grow wild.
  • The Latin name is Hedera Helix.
  • Ivy grows on trees, rocks, walls, in hedgerows and on the ground in very shaded woodlands.
  • It is very common in the British Isles and Western Europe.
  • Ivy can grow and extend over long distances.
  • This shrub attaches itself to a supporting tree or hedge by lots of small suckerlike roots.
  • The leaves are evergreen and come in different shapes.
  • Some of the leaves have 5 lobes and very pale veins which stand out on the glossy dark green background.
  • The leaves towards the top of the plant are oval in shape.
  • Ivy has both flowers and berries.
  • The flowers can be found only at the top of the plant.
  • The flowers have 5 yellowy green petals.
  • The berries are black and spherical in shape.

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