Kitten Found

Daily routine of feeding cats and letting the poultry out follows the same pattern. I open the backdoor to be greeted by a group of hungry felines who quickly trot behind me as I head towards the barn, known affectionately as the cat barn, to feed them. Then I head towards the poultry hut to let out the eagerly awaiting birds so that they can have their freedom for the day.

However this morning I had a little lie in and when I opened the door the hungry felines where nowhere to be seen. This is a little unusual because normally if I’m late they are knocking on the door as they rub their bodies up against it so that they can get my attention (what clever cats!). Yet with no cats in sight, I headed straight for the poultry hut to give Hatty the Hen and the guineas their daily freedom. 

All the birds where eagerly awaiting my arrival so that when I unlocked the door the polka dotted guineas and Hatty the Hen shot out of the hut like rockets on bonfire night. They where obviously keen to explore the farm and find another hiding place to lay their eggs that I again will not be able to find. Let’s just hope that the magpies can’t find the egg hiding place either!

The poultry hut is situated near a barn full of hay and sometimes the cats like to sleep on the top of the bales. This morning as I went to see to the birds, Fluffy jumped down from the bales to greet me. Soon I was met by all five of my cats who readily followed me to the cat barn for their breakfast feast of chicken (Sshh! Don’t tell Hatty!). Although before we managed to get there, our journey was interrupted by a crying cat.

Usually before I see Stripe or Snowball, I will often hear them crying to let me know that they are nearby but as the five felines gathered at my feet this morning I could still hear a crying cat and it wasn’t coming from Stripe or Snowball or indeed any of my other cats. So where was it coming from?

As I looked around I realised that the cries where coming from above. No it wasn’t the ghostly cry of Go-cat, my beloved cat that passed away in January, but a cute, fluffy, ginger kitten who was obviously lost and away from it’s mum. Sitting on the top of the bales, the kitten spotted me and anxiously waited to see what I would do. I tried to coax it out further but it became nervous and retreated into the bales. I decided to take my five fluffy cats for their breakfast and then return with the ladders, a bowl of milk and my camera.

When I returned, the kitten was sitting round the back of the bales with the sun shining on it. As I foolishly approached with ladders in hand, the kitten shot into the bales. That was the last I saw of the kitten so I have yet to get my photograph of the newly found kitten. Watch this space to see if I manage to get my feline foto!