Peacock Butterfly

Latin Name: Inachis io

Peacock Butterfly

Description: Peacock butterflies have 4 large eye spots on the upperside of a reddy / brown wing. The underside of the wing is almost black.

Size: Wingspan is approximately 60 to 75mm.

Habitat: Peacock butterflies can be found in meadows, country lanes, farmland, roadside verges, woodland and gardens.

Food: They like to feed on nectar from stinging nettles and hops.

Distribution: These butterflies are found throughout the UK and are a common sight, although they are not as common in Scotland.

Months Seen: Peacocks are normally seen from March to September, although they can sometimes be seen as early as February and as late as October.

Peacock Butterfly

Did You Know?

  • Peacock butterflies like to hibernate in dark places like garden sheds, hollow trees, woodstacks or farm buildings.
  • The female butterfly lays her green eggs on nettle leaves.
  • They lay eggs in batches of a few hundred and up to 500.
  • The eggs hatch after about 10 days.
  • Peacock butterflies only have one brood per year.
  • The caterpillar is black and spiky.

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