Planting Flower Seeds

As Sunday was such a lovely day to be outside I decided to plant some of the sunflower and marigold seeds I collected last year. This job has become an annual ritual which I thoroughly enjoy.

The sunflower seeds always remind me of my wedding day, three years ago, because the gift we placed on the tables for all our friends and family were little boxes with sunflower seeds in them. The variety of sunflower seeds given to our guests were called Ruby Eclipse.

Ruby Eclipse Sunflowers

This sunflower has ruby red petals with pink and golden yellow petal tips. More than one flower head grows on each stem, so they are great for encouraging birds into the garden or cutting and putting into a vase. It was great to hear from our friends and family after the wedding to find out how well their sunflower seeds had grown. I have grown them for the last two years and collected the seeds each time.

The Traditional Sunflower

I have also grown the traditional sunflower and collected some of their seeds, although it’s great to see so many varieties of birds feeding on the sunflower seeds when Autumn approaches.


The last few Summers have seen a magnificent spread of marigolds in the farmyard. I always plant them in a small border along the length of the fold yard so that they add a splash of colour to the yard and so that they can be seen from my kitchen window.

Sunday was the start of this years planting. I have planted the sunflower seeds in peat pots and the marigold seeds in trays so that they get a head start in the greenhouse and don’t succumb to human error or animal appetite.

In the past some of the sunflowers have been accidently sprayed along with the border of weeds (by my husband) and those sunflowers were our wedding sunflowers. As you can imagine I wasn’t best pleased although we did manage to save a few of them. If I plant my marigolds outside too soon then they either get dug up by the cats who want to use the border for a litter tray or they are eaten by a mysterious creature which I have yet to catch in the act!

This year I’m not taking any chances and the seeds and seedlings will grow in the greenhouse until it is safe to take them outside. Watch this space for more pictures of the growing sunflowers and marigolds.