Red Mites On Poultry

  • Red mites are a parasite that suck blood. 
  • They can cause irritation, loss of weight, loss of egg production and anaemia in poultry.
  • The yellow hen flea lives in the under fluff of the bird’s feathers and can be seen when the feathers are lifted.
  • Red mites are generally not found in the day time.
  • These parasites like to feed on the bird’s blood at night.
  • They can be seen underneath the roosting perches and in the cracks in the walls of the poultry hut and nest boxes.
  • The best way to identify a red mite infestation is to examine the poultry hut at night.
  • The presence of red mite can also be identified by a salt and pepper marking on the perches.
  • Dust bathing is the best way for the birds to control mites and lice themselves, although if red mites are present, further treatment is necessary.
  • Louse powder specially prescribed for red mite control can be used on the birds but make sure the manufacturer’s directions are carefully followed.
  • If an outbreak occurs, treat the whole poultry hut by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Paraffin or creosote sprayed onto the infected area of the hut are said to be effective in removing red mites from the housing.

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