Sourcing Good Quality Farm Produce

My husband and I love to eat our own home grown or farm reared produce. When we tuck into a boiled egg (laid by Hatty the Hen) or eat the purple sprouting broccoli (we have growing in the vegetable garden at the moment), we do feel like we are living the ”Good Life”. However we are by no means completely self-sufficient and still rely on the retailer for most of our food.

Producing our own food has given us a real sense of satisfaction in knowing where our food has come from and more importantly knowing how the food source and product has been treated. We felt that if we could begin to source more of our food from the local farmers in our area, we would be able to trace the food product back to it’s source more easily and therefore know how the animals had been reared and the fruit and vegetables had been grown. With this in mind, we have begun to source more of the food that we are not producing ourselves, from the local farmer’s markets.

On a Sunday outing we ventured to Settle Farmer’s Market in North Yorkshire and came across The Blue Pig Company selling their traditional free range pork from their own stock of rare breed outdoor pigs. We purchased a tray of pork and apple sausages, some back bacon and a couple of pork chops. My husband and I have enjoyed The Blue Pig Company’s pork products so much that we contacted them via their website and now have a freezer full of their top quality pork produce.