The Farmhouse Garden Alive With Daffodils

When my husband’s Grandparents lived on the farm the garden was a beautiful retreat for the farmer’s wife and a haven for British wildlife. However the years have not been good to the garden. It is my aim to restore the garden to it’s former glory.

Bulbs are a wonderful feature of the garden because you forget about their existence until their foliage begins to grow and the flowers finally emerge signalling the start of Spring.

We are lucky to find that our garden still has lots of bulbs buried beneath the soil and that my husband’s Grandma’s daffodil legacy is still thriving.

Here are the different varieties that can be found in our garden during Spring.

The Large Cupped Daffodil called Fortune

Bi-Coloured Daffodil

The Tazetta Daffodil called Geranium

Tazetta Narcissus - Geranium

The Poeticus Daffodil called Actaea

Poeticus Narcissus - Actaea

The Double Daffodil called Golden Ducat

Double Narcissus - Golden Ducat

The Large Cupped Daffodil called Carlton

Large Cupped Daffodil - Carlton

The Dwarf Daffodil called February Gold

Dwarf Narcissus - February Gold

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