Understanding Cats

Gocat Saying Hello 

  • Cats greet each other by rubbing faces.
  • They greet humans by rubbing up against the human.
  • Cats do not like to get their feet wet.
  • Feline creatures follow a daily routine.
  • They love to sleep.

Spot The Cat Hunting

  • Cats instinctively hunt.
  • They like to keep their claws in good condition by scratching rough surfaces like trees and fence posts.
  • Felines are clean creatures, they love to groom themselves.
  • Cats can recognise human voices and familiar people.
  • They have their own territory.
  • Feline animals like to have their own space.
  • Food and space are vital resources to cats.

Stripe The Cat Marking Territory

  • Scent marks are left around the territory to let other cats know of their existence and mark their territory.
  • Cats are athletic creatures who enjoy exercise.
  • They enjoy playing.
  • Cats can be sociable creatures.
Three Cats Together

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