Vegetable Gardening

Sunday was a glorious day to be out in the garden and so I decided it was time to make a start on my vegetable growing. Over the last few years I have tried to restore the vegetable garden to the former glory of my husband’s Grandad’s day. I am yet to achieve it!

Here is a picture of the vegetable plot last year. 

The 2006 Vegetable Garden





As you can see from the photograph, the vegetable plot last year was very small and surrounded by a wilderness of nettles!

No-one can fault me on effort and enthusiasm and this year I am armed with tips and advice from Top Veg. So watch this space for 2007’s vegetable gardening!

On Sunday, following the advice I’d read on the Top Veg website, I decided to plant:

  • Little Gem Lettuce
  • Beetroot
  • Radish
  • Cauliflower
  • Courgette

I decided to plant them all in seed trays in the greenhouse to begin with, this was for two reasons. Firstly the ground in the vegetable garden is not yet fully prepared and secondly the greenhouse will keep any late frost off the seedlings as they start to germinate.

Here is a picture of the vegetable garden in January this year – as you can see it is not ready for vegetable planting!

The Unprepared Vegetable Garden January 2007





I am hoping that amongst the trays of vegetables I have just planted, I will eventually be able to pick some winning vegetables for the annual village produce show.

In 2005 I entered the onion category, but our offering can only be described as embarrassing!

In 2006 I entered 2 lettuce and 1 set of beetroot, I decided to keep away from the onion category and I managed to collect the second prize for one of my lettuce.

Who knows what will happen this year, but my aim is to enter lots of the vegetable categories. So watch this space for more news about my vegetable growing and my entries for the annual village show.

If you enjoy reading diary entries then here is a great book for you. The Kitchen Garden Yearbook is a diary by a vegetable gardener and describes a year in their life in the vegetable garden. Click on the image below to go to to find out more about this book.

The Kitchen Garden Yearbook: Month-by-Month Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables






Don’t forget to visit the Top Veg website for expert advice and top tips on vegetable gardening.