A Charolais Cow Calving

Watch the video clip of the charolais cow calving and the immediate minutes after the birth.

When one of our cows is near to calving, we move the cow into the calving pen so that she has more room away from the other cows.
Up to four hours before the birth, the cow can usually be seen sniffing the ground, moving around in circles and generally becoming restless.
The tail then begins to stick slightly out, before the sacs appear.
After the sacs burst the calves feet appear.
If the calf is correctly positioned, the head appears and the calf is born.
The video clip shows a restless cow, the sacs appearing, the sacs bursting, the feet appearing, then the calf being born very quickly afterwards.
Then it shows the cow licking the calf who is able to lift it’s head after only a few short minutes of life. The calf is soon trying to sit up as the mother continues to lick the calf.
Amazing footage of an amazing event.