A Visit To York Farmer’s Market

Visited the York Farmer’s Market on Saturday, to have a look at the stalls and see what products were on sale. We managed to do some shopping and came back with some interesting items.

We bought;

  1. rhubarb,
  2. tomatoes,
  3. cucumber,
  4. lettuce,
  5. strawberries,
  6. bread,
  7. cakes,
  8. wensleydale cheese with cranberries,
  9. wensleydale cheese with apricots,
  10. cheddar cheese with onion,
  11. smoked trout,
  12. venison steak,
  13. chicken sausages,
  14. chicken burgers and
  15. duck and cranberry sausages.

As you can see, some of the items were the normal everyday items to be found at a farmer’s market, but I have not seen chicken or duck sausages on offer before. I will let you know how they taste when we eat them.