A Walk Up The Canal – Swan Spotting

Our farmland runs along side a canal and Saturday afternoon was spent walking along the canal, swan spotting.  A number of swans can be seen on the canal every year and at this time of year the swan can be seen making her nest. It was the nest building that we hoped to see.

My mother in law and I had spent a number of hours in the kitchen baking and decided a leisurely walk by the canal would be just reward. The canal seemed to be a little sparse of  wildlife and as we headed back towards the farmhouse with the camera unused we thought we would cross over the bridge to take a look at the other side.

Without binoculars to aid our vision, we peered into the distance. A speck of white could be seen on the horizon. Was it moving? We were not sure. Was it a swan? We were not sure. It was decided that I would venture down the tow path to find out.

As the speck of white came into focus, I relieved that it was indeed a swan. I was in luck. With camera at the ready I wondered just how close I would get to it.

A Swan On The Canal

 A Swan On The Canal  A Swan On The Canal 

               A Swan On The Canal  A Swan On The Canal 

Pulling up along side the swan very slowly, I did wonder if it would climb out of the water and hiss at me, but then I remembered it wasn’t a snake and in actual fact the swan was far to busy hunting for food to be bothered by my presence.

A Swan On The Canal Fishing For Food  A Swan On The Canal Fishing For Food  A Swan On The Canal Fishing For Food

The swan busily fished for food, putting her head under the water then gliding to another spot to then submerge her head again. I watched fascinated, snapping a few shots to capture the moment.

A successful walk along the canal swan spotting!

Click on this link to find out more about the swan.

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