A Wet Bulb Thermometer

What Is A Wet Bulb Thermometer?

A wet bulb thermometer measures humidity and can look like an ordinary thermometer. The only difference is that the bulb on this thermometer is covered with a cloth that is kept wet using a wick and a small container of water.

Wikipedia defines the wet bulb thermometer as a “thermometer that has its bulb wrapped in cloth—called a sock—that is kept wet with water via wicking action.”

A wet bulb thermometer is used to measure humidity (the level of water vapour in the air).

The wet bulb thermometer is easy to read. It is just like an ordinary thermometer.

You can construct a wet-bulb thermometer by attaching a wet cottonwool ball with a rubber band to the bulb of a standard thermometer. However you need to make sure that the cottonwool is kept wet when it is being used to measure humidity.

A hygrometer (also known as a psychrometer) is a humidity measuring instrument that has both a dry bulb thermometer (for measuring the air temperature) and a wet bulb thermometer. This instrument is useful when you want to measure both air temperature and humidity.

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