Calf Born And Cow Escapes

Black Cow Who Escaped 

Last week we got up to find that one of our black heifers had calved in the early hours of the morning. The calf was standing and doing well and all the farmers needed to do was move the cow and calf into the calving pen, so that they could have some space away from the other cows. However this is easier said, than done!

You could ask, “How many farmers does it take to move a cow and calf?” But in this instance I wouldn’t since the answer is not funny.

From the study window I could see three farmers chasing a black cow up and down the neighbouring field with a somewhat puzzled newborn calf looking on. It was a funny sight to behold so I did linger in the house a little longer than I should, as I was enjoying the show.

Anyway how did the farmers get to be chasing a cow up and down the field? Well, the cow and calf had both been standing at the end of the fold yard, so the farmers decided to open the gate and let the cow and calf walk down the passageway to the calving pen. Sounds easy, but when animals are involved, nothing is ever that easy!

Opening the gate went well and the cow and calf headed towards the passageway when suddenly the cow decided to do a quick u-turn and escape through an opportune gap. Furthermore, not only did the offending cow charge through the gap, leaving calf to fend for itself, but she jumped the wire fencing and ended up in the neighbouring field.

Broken Fence

After watching the farmers jog up and down the field for several laps, I decided it was time I went out to help. Upon opening the door I realised that the cow had obviously got bored of her early morning run and had left the field and was now calmly trotting through my orchard. I carefully directed her through the yard and back towards the passageway and her bewildered calf. Within minutes of assisting the men folk, the cow and calf were safely in the pen.

Newborn Calf

So the question was, “How many farmers does it take to move a cow and calf?” The answer is none, it takes one farmer’s wife!