Cat Leg Injuries

Twice this week I have gone out to feed my cats in the morning to find a lame cat.

Last Sunday Snowball Snowball The Cat didn’t move from a pile of straw he had positioned himself on when I called all the cats for their morning feed. He didn’t look a hundred per cent so I went back with a tin of tuna which he tried to eat. When he did get up he was limping. It was his back right leg that was injured and when I took a closer look, which was difficult as Snowball doesn’t always like to be touched, I could see that some of the fur on the back of his leg looked like it had been scraped off. Snowball wasn’t very well that day and spent most of the day resting in the sunshine. The following day he was back to his usual happy go lucky self, rolling around in the dried mud without a limp.

Snowball Rolling In The Mud

Yesterday (Friday) I again went out to feed the cats as part of my daily morning routine and found Stripe Stripe The Cat limping and crying as he approached me. Stripe is one of my younger cats and a lot tamer than Snowball. After feeding the others, I brought Stripe some biscuits but he wouldn’t touch them so I got him some milk, which he took a few sips of. 


A Poorly Stripe Lapping Up Milk


Being a lot tamer, I sat with Stripe and stroked him for a while. When he moved about I took a look at his injured left leg. I couldn’t see any signs of damage but Stripe had obviously been licking his leg. As the day wore on Stripes limp became less obvious and by this morning he was no longer limping.

Stripe Playing

Thankfully both cats are now ok, but I feel terrible when any of my beloved pets or even the farm animals are injured, as they are unable to tell me what is the matter. Let’s hope my cats really do have nine lives!

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