Christmas Rose – Helleborus

Helleborus is an evergreen or semi-evergreen perennial.

Also known as the Christmas Rose.

They can start flowering from mid Winter to late Spring.

The helleborus has large saucer shaped blooms which may be white, green, pink or purple depending on the variety.

The leaves on the helleborus are a lobed shape and provide ground cover.

Helleborus generally grow to a height of 1 foot.

These plants need very little attention and look good positioned close to the front of the border where their early flowers can be appreciated.

The helleborus requires well drained, moist soil and thrives best in partial shade.

They should be planted in Autumn or Spring or seeds can be collected from mature plants and germinated in a cold frame in Autumn.

If you would like to grow helleborus then Thompson and Morgan supply helleborus.