Giving Farm Produce To Family And Friends

What a great feeling it is when you can give your farm produce to family, friends and even the odd stranger, as I have done this week.

Homegrown Purple Sprouting Broccoli

In the last week I have given my mother in law half a dozen guinea fowl eggs and a handful of homegrown purple sprouting broccoli.

Half A Dozen Guinea Fowl Eggs

On Tuesday friends visited the farm and after a farm walk, the two daughter’s of one of my friends collected a fresh guinea fowl egg each to take home for their tea.

Today (Friday) I saw some people cycling up the lane, well actually they had their bicycles but they weren’t riding them, they had stopped in the lane to watch my guinea fowl. I went to check that my guinea were not getting in the way and the cyclists said they were really interested in watching the birds and didn’t want to frighten them. They began to ask me questions about the birds so I told them abit about my flock. I showed them an egg that I had just collected and explained that the hens like to lay along the hedgerows in the undergrowth making it difficult to find the eggs and that the egg shell is very hard. They were really keen to find out about the guineas and indeed the eggs and it was obvious that they had respect for these birds because when they said goodbye they slowly one by one moved their bicycles forward to pass the guinea fowl without frightening them. As I headed back into the house I thought it would be nice to give them an egg each for them to try as they told me that they had never had a guinea fowl egg before. When I dashed back out with an egg box containing the three eggs they were very surprised but very grateful. It was an early Easter treat for the three cyclists.

I hope that my family, friends and even the strangers enjoy the farm produce they have received as much as I have enjoyed giving it to them. 

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