Grain Store Update

We are currently having a new grain shed built on the farm. Here is the latest building update.

Side, back and front panelling being put in place.

Panelling Being Put In Place

Front panels in place.

Front View Of Grain Store

Back panels in place.

Back View Of Grain Store

I made the mistake of saying that the grain store looked nearly finished and was given a full run down of all the jobs that still needed to be done.

  • The roof needs putting in place.
  • A drainage system is needed.
  • Guttering needs to be added.
  • The floor needs concreting.
  • A door needs to be added.

These are just the jobs I can remember before I fell asleep!

I think the grain store is extremely large and in my view spoils the landscape, but needs must (oh and it does mean that I am probably going to be able to keep some pigs where the grain was stored previously, fingers crossed!).

I asked last week what was going to happen to the ugly concrete slabs on the side of the grain store and was told that they would remain like that. I have since suggested that as it is the Year of Food and Farming that I could launch a competition at the school I work in for mural designs which could then be painted onto the concrete. This suggestion went down like a concrete slab! I’ll just have to keep working on the farmers and provide them with evidence of fantastic art work from the children in order to win the them over.

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